Monday, 24 March 2014

Copic Advanced 5th April from 1pm to 4pm.
Please phone Gina at '3 Tails Craft and Cards' on 07 3633 0033 to book or order a kit.
We will contracting on Skin (new colours) Hair and Pleats. 
We are having both Beginners and Advanced Copic on the same day as I will be having surgery that month so to avoid missing a month of Copic again we decided to have both on the same day. Bring a lamp to help with the afternoon light.
We will be concentrating on skin (new colours) hair and pleats.

Copic Beginners 5th April from 9am to 12noon.
Pleases Phone Gina at '3Tails Craft and Cards' on 07 36330033 to book or order a kit.
We will be learning how to colour grass the easy way, but during class if interested I will show you the advanced way to colour grass.