Sunday, 31 January 2016

Copic 2016

I hope everyone had a good break over Christmas and New Year. It was so good having my Husband home. Our first Christmas together in 5 years. Now that he is back at work its time I got back to work.

A few things I would like to talk about first.

You will no longer be able to direct deposit me. I have huge problems with some people not paying me. I'm sorry but I cannot make a living with " sorry i forgot:" So it will be cash on the day. All copic classes will be $25.00 unless stated at time of booking. 
If 72 hour's notice is not given , you will still have to pay for the kit. That's 3 days. If you forget to come, you will still have to pay for the kit. Also if you book because you think you may like to come and end up not coming remember you have taken a spot that someone else could have taken. I'm sorry if I have offended anyone but I can no longer go on the way I did last year. I hope you all understand.

Also please be mindful that I work hard at getting the Copic classes out I also work very hard with the written colour instructions and it has come to my attention that some of you are sharing my instructions with friends, now I want to tell you that the instructions are for you and you alone. I want to remind you that I only make $10.00 a head, yes $10.00 a head, and from that I supply a light lunch.


Copic Class will start February the 20th. Please email me to book your spot and get the list of pens. First in will get the spots. If you have my home phone number please do not leave a message as I sometimes do not get the messages.
(If needed I will open a class on Sunday the 21st.)
Have now opened a class on Sunday the 21st as Saturday's class is now full
Tea, Coffee and a light lunch will be provided.
Our first Copic Class is the Rusty Truck Card. Image is by 'Fed She Said'
A good spot to go and have a look at this Rusty Truck is at Suzanne J Dean at Color Me Creative. I do not use as many pens as Suzanne.

I also coloured a large image and put it in a pitcher frame.
the Frame was bought at one of those cheep stores at Strathpine.I think I payed about $8.00 for it.