Sunday, 19 May 2013

Yesterday was my last day working at Arnolds.
Lot of rumours going around. I would just like everyone to remember that every story has two sides.
I would also like everyone to remember that Karen [the owner of Arnolds] believes that she has tried to keep me and fix the problem's that I was having at work, but too many years of me putting my head in the sand and not sticking up for myself with one staff member. Please everyone this is my problem and not the staff members problem.
I left it far to long to speak up for myself, and when I did this caused may new problems.
I would also like Karen to know this is the first that I have publicly spoken about the problem.
Many customers over heard a few things between the staff member and myself and I cannot control what people say. I can only control what I say. I am not responsible for other people.
I have enjoyed my time at Arnolds. I will miss Seniors as this was my baby. I started Seniors in honour of my mother and this very much saddens me to end my Seniors at Arnolds. I miss my mother so much and you ladies filled a huge hole in my heart. I love each and every one of you. Thank you for giving me so much.
As many of you will now be aware I have been unwell of late. Time to look after myself.
One never knows what is around the corner, but for today I'm sad.


  1. Hi Robyn

    It is sad to hear that news we will miss you.I really enjoyed your classes. Take care of yourself. Maybe one day you will have a card class again.
    Lots of Love


  2. HI Robyn
    Sorry to hear that you will no longer be at Arnold's....this is the first that I have thought to come to your blog....I know nothing of what has happened, but you do need to look out for number one when it comes to your health.....for your sake and your families....
    Will really miss your Thursday night Copic class, you are a wonderful explain things so that even a blondie(lol) like me can understand...
    Will be checking your blog to see if you ever start to teach again....
    Miss ya guts Mrs